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20-22 December 2019

 Camp Splendour, Thirumoorthy Dam, Udumalpet 

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You want to live a life of  PASSION, PURPOSE, AND MEANING – whether that be through finding a way to be of use to others, exploring your creative potential, amplifying your self-care, making time for your passions, pursuing social good projects, or maybe you’re a recent graduate and have no idea what to do next, or maybe you feel creatively blocked and bored with your career and personal life. Well, you are not alone!

You want to feel in tune with yourself and on track to living a values-based, useful, passion-fuelled and purposeful life. You are ready to dive in the deep end, get to know yourself better and feel more on purpose than you ever have before.

If this sounds like you and you’re looking for support and guidance from an authentic Transformative Life Coach, I could be the coach for you.

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"Hi, I’m Anessha Jayshankar!

I am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified Transformative Life and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach with a background in Human Resources, Learning and Development. I currently work for the New Zealand Government and run my private coaching practice.

I help socially conscious and purpose-driven people find their way to make a difference, live and work in alignment with their values, and learn to sustainably balance their dream for others with their dreams for self.  I help them find their way to live a values-based, passion-fuelled, socially conscious and personally enriching life. I would love to support you in doing this too!"

This 3-day workshop provides a space to deeply explore who you are and what is meaningful to you in an interactive class. I give you tools and exercises to dig deep and then act. 

Following your passion can seem scary and confusing, but it’s totally possible with some community, self-awareness, and action. 

1.    Discover your deeper "why" behind who you are and what you value. Write your very own Meaning Statement.
2.    Build a Passion & Purpose Project that stems from your Meaning Statement. 
3.    Build agreements with a Passion & Purpose Partner who will support you and keep you accountable throughout the 3 days.
4.    Work on your Passion & Purpose Project for 3 days. These are creative side projects that are connected to your deeper meaning and they have tangible outcomes. Anyone can do them. What you need most are inspiration and commitment. Not sure what your passion is yet? No worries, we’ll help you discover it by giving you the tools you need.

Your Investment - Rs 15,000. The workshop fee also includes camp-style accommodation, food & refreshments, kayaking, trekking, jet ski rides, campfire with music & dance, for 3 days/2 nights. 

Kindly contact us for bookings at  or call us at 9363145544 for further information.

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