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The Leadership Excellence Program a highly customisable approach to creating effective leaders in your business. The program is split into four modules, each split over four x two-hour sessions. Who is this course for? • Current or aspiring leaders Topics Covered Module 1: Leading Self – 4 x 2-hour sessions • Pulse Check (High Performance Team assessment). • Check-in regarding strategy. • Building self-awareness and emotional intelligence. • Balance ‘doing’ and ‘being’. • Lifeline exercise. • Type of team. • Operating rhythm. • Habit Builder (see section on Actionable) Module 2: Leading Teams – 4 x 2-hour sessions • Pulse Check (High Performance Team assessment). • Best team exercise. • Five Dysfunctions of Teams. • Group dialogue skills. • Conversations that matter (crucial conversations / performance conversations). • Habit Builder. Module 3: Leading People – 4 x 2-hour sessions • Coaching fundamentals. • Spheres of influence. • Empowered leadership. • Case study • Language of coaching. • Commitments. • Habit Builder. Module 4: Leading the Organisation – 4 x 2-hour sessions • Difference between leadership and authority. • Observation skills / diagnosing workplace challenges and change. • Adaptive leadership. • Peer Consultation to solve important challenges. • Creating habits for success (Reminder, Response, Reward) Course Duration • Highly customisable • Generally, each module is completed over 4 x 2-hour sessions Learning Outcomes • Have a deeper understanding of themselves including their strengths and weaknesses. • Understand their ‘life story’ and how to use it is a touchstone for leadership. • Be a values-driven leader. • Be able to lead teams effectively. • Demonstrate strong feedback and communication skills. • Be able to coach, grow and develop people. • Understand how to lead and create meaningful change. • Develop strong systems thinking. Organisational Benefits • Foster confidence and capability to lead teams effectively. • Create a framework for teams to be high-performing and self-sustaining. • Deliver better customer results, both internally and externally. • Reduce the likelihood of workplace stress and illness through better alignment of goals and roles. • Enhance your reputation by demonstrating an ability to lead a successful team. • Create clarity for all employees. • Increase engagement by supporting a workplace culture that promotes a healthy, high performing workplace.

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